A major reason why I started this blog was to keep up with my friends. With that said, I thought this (very short) post was very apropos.

Today, I had a mini-serendipitous moment when I got out of my car to see a sign banner for ana molys bar across the street. If you’re not Anna or Molly, you might be wondering how this place really requires a poorly-written blog post, but: 1 you ARE Anna or Molly (oh, I should probably tell Molly I started a blog….hi, Molly!) 2: Well, since you read 1, I think you get it, right? Oh, and you probably think I messed up because the the name of the aforementioned bar was missing capitalization and an apostrophe. Nope! This glorious, little gem ain’t going by nobody’s rules – kinda like its untended namesakes – that’s probably why it’s going to become my new favorite place. (If I overcome the fear of being murdered while I’m there.)

PS – Has this become some weird phenomenon? Lest we forget THIS ever-inspiring play on words.


Three divided by three equals blog

How do you keep in touch with your two best friends who don’t even live remotely close? You try writing a blog! But what to write about. . . hrmmmm?

I don’t know, but I guess we’ll find out. Stay tuned to see what this thing turns into to. . .